Wireless Internet
On-Site Parking
Satellite TV With HBO
Private Bath in Each Room

Don’t make this room angry… you wouldn’t like it when its angry!

Private Bathroom in the Room.

Sleeps 2 – Queen sized bed

Free HBO on flat screen TV/Wireless internet.

Aquarium, Plenty of storage and of course the color green.

Gamma Green

This is Naomi’s Inn’s first attempt at a more modern room. We love to host people of all ages, sexual preferences and races. Springfield itself is a melting pot and there is nothing wrong with getting a little glimpse into more culture.

This room is fun, energetic and peaceful all at the same time, depending on the mood you are in. Just like our green friend the room is based on.

The Aquarium in this room was supplied by our Local Fish Store School of Fish, Inc. It will solve the mystery of the theme of this room for you, in case you aren’t keen on the pop culture references strewn about the room. The lighting is controllable and has 3 settings, Bright Day, Moonlight Blue and of course if you prefer no lighting, [off].

The artwork in this room stretches from the West Coast of USA all the way to the UK. The classic portrayal of Bill Bixby and of the watchful eyes really tie in perfectly with this theme and we hope you enjoy it is much as we do.

The cabinets have build in shade\color lighting which can be on or off depending on your mood. It emits a lovely hue of green at the end of the glass, which also ties into our metamorphosis theme. There is plenty of storage in each cabinet for your belongings.

The bedding area comes with a bluetooth alarm clock which can play normal AM/FM radio or any songs you may enjoy on your phone or other bluetooth compatible device. It also has slimline lighting which is focused on the area you have it pointed to, as to not disturb your bedmate.

Prices range from $150 – $210. Prices listed are per night and based on double occupancy with a $15 charge per additional person, per night. Pets are people too and therefore are charged as such (PETS ALLOWED BY PRIOR ARRANGEMENT WITH INNKEEPER). For exact charges follow the book online button and for additions click the our deals button right below it. Call for special hospital rates.

The quality rooms at Naomi's Inn Bed and Breakfast far exceed accomodations at any hotel in the area.

Asian Flair

Louis the 14th

Global Fusion

Portobello Road

Vintage Mix